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Subjects / Disciplines
wawwhite wrote in find_and_keep
Claim a major, subject, discipline, etc.

Examples: Art History, Greek, Chemistry.

If you have a question if your claim is appropriate, leave it in the comments.

Please read the rules before claiming.

Claim with a comment saying: [claim]

Child Development - scarletladyy
Drama - girlofavalon
English - cartography
Geology - sweetthumbelina
Interdisciplinary Studies - wawwhite
Interior Design - nicolle_016
Psychology - kaelakaelakaela
Science - peppermintspoon
World History - girlofavalon

Use the following code on your profile or one from the user info.

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American History please :)

Biblical history please.

Queer Studies please. ♥

May I claim Illustration please? :3

Creative Writing, if you please!

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