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a claiming community for everything

a claiming community for everything
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This is a friendly, drama-free claiming community. Most claiming communities allow you join, claim one character/item, post it to your profile, and then you're done. However, this community is different. Instead of only one claim, there will be different themes that you can claim from every once in awhile, so it will benefit you to keep watching this community. More claims = more fun!

So stick around, have fun, and feel more than free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or snide remarks.

♥ your friendly mod, Whitney wawwhite

List of Upcoming Categories
1. First come, first serve.
2. Only one claim per category or theme. No sharing claims.
3. You must be a member to claim.
4. Check the entry list to make sure no one has already claimed what you'd like to claim.
5. Claim with a comment to each entry.
6. You do not have to claim from every category.
7. Be specific and tell me what fandom your claim is from (when applicable).
8. You may change your claims. Please reply to the entry when you want to do so. Do not abuse this privledge.
9. If you change your username, tell me you old user name, your new one, and what all of your claims are.
10. If your journal becomes innactive or if you stop being a member of the community, you will lose your claims and they will be up for grabs.
Sister communities:
magic_machines and animal_stamps.

Most of the theme categories will come from The Fanlistings

Codes for your profile:



Add more categories as needed.
Go here to affiliate. Any claiming, stamping, or similar community is acceptable.
animal_stamps, magic_machines, paranormalstamp, random_fan_stmp
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